Wait For Me – Fan Video

an oldie but a goodie.

Looking forward to giving KCRW our new work.  Miss those guys, be back south soon!

Finding Inspiration for Dirty Rock & Roll

Live Video from Historic Everett Theater

Motopony | Live at the Historic Everett Theater from Casey Sjogren on Vimeo.

This Week: Songs on House and Cougar Town

It’s a big week for Motopony music!  On Monday, May 14th, the Fox series House will feature Motopony’s “Euphoria” in its second to last episode of the series.  Airs at 9pm on Fox.

Also this week, “King of Diamonds” will be featured on ABC’s Cougar Town on Tuesday, May 15th!  Airs at 8:30 on ABC.

SXSW is upon us…

Well, we seem to have brought the storm with us. The last sunny day we saw was in Sacramento. As we ponder upon Seattle’s grey and gloomy skies hovering over the twinkling lights of San Antonio, we can only hope that with it we brought Seattle’s taste in good music, and that it will follow us to Austin, TX, where Rolling Stone named us one of the top 25 SXSW bands not to miss. Sorry for all the bad weather, we’ll make it up to you.

Here’s where we’re playing in Austin. Come say hi.

Monday 3/12:

7:30pm  The Industry Party // GSD&M (828 W 6th St)

Tuesday 3/13:

11:55pm  Daniel Johnston “Space Ducks” Launch Party // The Belmont (305 W 6th St)

Wednesday 3/14:

3pm  Pura Vida Presents: Dios Mio // Frontier Bar (2421 Webberville Rd)

Thursday 3/15:

1pm  Relix & Creative Allies Party // Maggie Mae’s Downstairs (323 E 6th St)

11pm  SXSW Official Showcase // The Studio at HGTV (304 W 4th St)

Friday 3/16:

8am KUT “Live at the Four Seasons” // The Four Seasons (98 San Jancinto Blvd)

6:30pm The Burning Ear & Lights & Music Entertainment // Firehouse Lounge (Brazos & 6th St)

Tour to SXSW with Typhoon

Hello Ponies.

We have returned from yonder melting mountain of doom and will deliver unto your ears very soon a sneak peek demo of what will become our second album.  Now home we prepare for a short tour down the west coast with the ever popular Typhoon and our dearly beloved friends Ravenna Woods.   We stop in Eugene, Nevada City, SF, LA, some where in Arizona, Dallas, San Antonio, and come to rest (if you can call it “rest”) in Austin before heading back through Denver, SLC, and Boise.   We promise to have some new songs in the live set up and running for your enjoyment, and we promise not to swagger too much at having been showcased on the front page of the SXSW site on more than one occasion.   We are SO EXCITED to be a part of the destruction and havoc we have heard that Austin will inevitably rend upon your souls and livers.   We are equally excited to shop the new record around and see what dreams may come.  Do not hesitate to tell your label CEO friends that we are in the market.  ;)  God willing, we won’t have to stop riding around in this van ever…ever…ever.

Onward, my fellow creatives.   Be who you want, you know you are the one.

For more info on tour dates visit:

New Year Update

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!  We got an early holiday gift in the form of the unveiling of our Daytrotter session. MAN! Seems like we recorded that thing months ago on our way back from our first east coast tour.   OH THAT’S RIGHT!  WE DID!  What a gift and a surprise.

Our plans are simple, folks.   We have taken our plunder and loot from this past year and are investing it into two sectors.   1) Time/space and 2) recording equipment.  That’s right!  After our BIG SHOW at Neumos with Brian John Appleby and Tomten on January 12th we are taking the whole Motopony magic machine up into the mountains of North Central Washington and hiding out in a cabin until we have channeled the best second album ever recorded by anyone.  We may be gone as long as 6 years….but hopefully God favors the bold and we are back in time for SXSW!

Hope you all are well.  We look forward to seeing you at Neumos on January 12th and you should look forward to hearing some of the new material we ALREADY have to show you that night.   WHAAAAAAAAAUUUUAAAA!??!?!?!



You can purchase tickets for our show on Thursday, January 12th, at Neumos HERE.

National Television Debut on Last Call with Carson Daly

Motopony makes their national television debut tonight, December 7th, on NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly!  Tune in at 1:35am or DVR the show to see their performance.

Motopony featured in Amazon’s Outstanding Albums of 2011 You Might Have Missed!

Motopony’s self-titled album made #45 in Amazon’s Oustanding Albums of 2011 You Might Have Missed, and ”King of Diamonds” is a featured track in the playlist!

If you haven’t yet had a chance to purchase the album, you can do so on Amazon MP3 HERE.